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bagpal - How it works

1. Book shipment of luggage

You easily book your shipment from your computer, tablet, smartphone, or by calling or emailing our customer service. To get a quote, you only need to fill in the destination country and information about the baggage you want to send. If you then want to book a shipment, you must also fill in the dates, complete pickup - and delivery address, and have your credit card information ready.

2. Prepare your luggage

Once you have booked and paid your shipment, you will receive an email containing your booking confirmation, tracking numbers, delivery note and any proforma invoice (for travel outside the EU*) (link to "travel outside the EU). The delivery note is printed out in three (3) copies. One copy you will keep and bring with you on the trip, one is placed on top of your luggage and one is given to the driver at the time of pick-up, who will secure it on to your luggage. This procedure is mandatory when you book your shipment with us. when traveling outside the EU If your bag has a business card holder, please print out the small tracking label included in your confirmation mail and place it in the business card holder

One of the many advantages of using is that your luggage can be delivered as it is. You can pack your luggage as you normally would for air travel. There is no need for additional packaging. However, should the sports equipment, etc., packaged in the required packaging to ensure that they are protected during transportation.

3. Pickup of your luggage

You specify where and when you want us to collect your luggage. We can arrange for your luggage to be picked up from your home, your workplace, your hotel or why not directly from the golf course. Just make sure someone is there to hand over the luggage, and be sure that the pickup location is available to the driver and the car. Pickup is usually between Mon - Fri from 9:00 to 17:00. The driver will notify you in advance before pickup.

4. Track your bags

To track your luggage you can log in to your account at and enter your shipment number. There you can see where your luggage is right now, and the estimated time for delivery. You can at any time log in to your account and follow the route.

5. Delivery

The recipient of your luggage has received an email at the time of booking that states that your luggage is on the way. The recipient needs to sign this receipt of the luggage. Be sure to fill in the correct e-mail address of the recipient, your hotel reception, golf course, cabin service, etc.

For your and our security, all luggage are X-rayed and checked before being transported to the destination. Your luggage can be opened for examination at the security checkpoint. Hence it is important that you do not lock your luggage. - If so, your locks will be forced open, being hold in deley or stoped from further transportation to destination. We can not guarantee that your luggage is completely prepared/packed as it was when you left the bag for pickup. We therfore ask for your understanding and hope you can appreciate that this is for both your and our safety.

Prohibited items list

You may not send things that are classified as dangerous goods, eg weapons, ammunition, explosives, chemicals, lithium batteries, aerosol products other types of pressure vessels, you must not send drugs, pornography, or human and animal remains, etc. See full list of what not to send in our Terms and conditions on

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